My Blog Relationship has Reached the Next Level

I have been writing this blog every day for over a year now, and I find that we are no longer in the honeymoon phase. You know what I’m talking about. That wonderful period when your blog loves all your stories, where it hangs on every word and laughs at all your jokes. “Type me more,” it says breathlessly.

At first, your blog thinks you’re brilliant and that every thought you have is original. But we’ve gotten used to each other, my blog and I. Now it’s seen most of my flaws, experienced most of my moods, and has heard most of my stories. It seems to become impatient with me. “Er… hello. You wrote about that 6 months ago, you know.” If it had eyes it would roll them.

My blog is now more critical and hard to please. It expects more revisions, more rewrites. “Seriously, Barb, you can do better than that. I expect so much more from you than, Kiss Me, Russell Brand. Honestly.”

But there is a certain comfort in all this routine. And in spite of mutual irritation now and then, we still seem to be drawn to each other every day. And the best part is we can finish each other’s sentences.

My blog is the first place I go when I turn on my computer. Honey! I’m hoooome!

blog meme

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