Sick when you’re Single

Most of the time I like living alone. The only exceptions are during major holidays or when I’m sick. Right now I’ve got the head cold from hell and disgusting substances seem to be flowing from every orifice. I’m weak as a kitten and I keep forgetting to eat. I am miserable. Lord, take me now.

Sadly, there is no one to hear my whining and moaning, no one to make me chicken soup, no little annoying bell I can ring. If I run out of orange juice, I’m out of luck. I can only afford to have so many pizzas delivered.

My only comfort is my dogs and my flannel, and I’m worried that if I die the dogs will chew through the flannel in no time. Where’s the loyalty?

There’s nothing quite as depressing as being pathetic and snotty all by yourself. I want my mommy.

If there’s no blog entry here tomorrow, call 911.


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9 thoughts on “Sick when you’re Single

  1. Carole

    It is true, misery loves company. Not so you will feel better, but so they really understand how miserable you are. But believe me dear, being single can be a blessing at these times. You may be given an occasional cup of tea or pills and water but 95% of the time the other half doesn’t want to catch what you have. They may open a can of soup and nuke it for you, then wonder if you can still fix dinner. They may cover you up or bring you an extra blanket or fluff your pillow, but then you must get up and find that special shirt that they have to wear today. Yes, misery loves company, but company also brings extra misery. I do hope you feel better soon. Believe me when I say your dogs will help you through, and they are immune to their master’s ills.

  2. If I got sick when still living with my STBX, he just left me alone and never checked to see if I was still alive, much less if I needed something. I’m with Carole. Sending healthy thoughts your way and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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