Human Signposts

As you walk your path in life, you’ll come across many intersections and forks in the road, and you’ll have to make decisions. Sometimes you won’t even know you’re at a crossroad until you look back and realize you’ve negotiated your way through it, or discover to your horror that you’ve gotten off track and have to go back and start again.

At times like this it’s really good to be a human being, because you have the power to observe and communicate and learn from others. Look around you and you’ll realize that there are human signposts at nearly every turn. Some people are admirable and you want to emulate them. Follow their path as much as you possibly can. Others are bad influences. They should have “Do Not Enter” tattooed across their foreheads. Many people are excellent sources of advice, and you can often learn from their past mistakes if you only take the time to listen to them.

When I come across a toxic individual, I try to comfort myself with the fact that I’m learning a valuable lesson about how I do not want to be. It’s as if they’ve done the screwing up for me, and yet I can still add it to my life experience. Toxic people can cause you a lot of heartache, but they can save you from even more of it as you walk away from them a much wiser individual.

Take the time to really observe the people who touch your life. Every single one is a sign post. Every single one has value.

IF I only had a brain

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