If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you’re probably well-versed in your partner’s stories. You’ve heard them all before. All you have to hear is, “That reminds me of the time when…” and you inwardly groan.

Now imagine writing a daily blog for years on end. After a while you forget which stories you’ve told. Sometimes before I start on a topic, I actually do a search of my own blog to make sure I haven’t covered it before.

I don’t suppose it matters, really. I have only a handful of longstanding faithful followers, and even with them, for some crazy reason, I am not the center of their universe. I could probably get away with a certain level of duplication.

Even so, I don’t know which would mortify me more: someone rolling his or her eyes and saying, “Yeah, yeah, you already told us that,” or someone rolling his or her eyes and saying, “The last time you talked about this subject you had a completely different opinion.”

As with the aging process, the older my blog gets, the more I will risk suffering from “blogheimers”. All I can do is apologize in advance. Because I might forget to do so later.

not again

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