Sugar n’ Fat Sauce

That’s what a friend of mine calls macaroni and cheese. He has a point. Pasta converts itself to sugar in your body, and that cheese sauce is mostly fat. Thinking about it that way sort of robs it of its appeal, even if you did grow up in the South like I did.

Educating yourself about what you’re putting into your body is a double edged sword. On the one hand, you’ll begin to make healthier food choices. On the other, your life will become much more complicated, time consuming, and expensive.

A consumer who wishes to be educated will spend much more time reading food labels. Gone will be the days of running into the grocery store and basically sweeping random boxes into your cart. (What? That doesn’t resonate with you? That’s probably why you’re a size three and I hate you on general principle.)

The more educated you become, the more you want to buy organic, local, unprocessed ingredients. That equals more time in the kitchen, but also a great deal more flavor.

Farmers’ Markets will begin to appeal to you in ways you never imagined. More effort, more errands, but you’ll adapt. But when you actually buy fruit and vegetables that don’t come in a can, things will rot if you don’t keep up with them. You actually have to have a plan. What a concept.

My transformation into a healthier human being isn’t happening over night, but I feel the momentum starting to increase. I’m not going to wake up tomorrow as a slow food movement vegan. I’ll still want my sugar n’ fat sauce now and then. But change is coming. Yes, yes indeed.

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10 thoughts on “Sugar n’ Fat Sauce

  1. Helen

    This is a post I’m very pleased to have read. I made the conversion to healthier eating some time ago and it has helped in many ways including weight control. And you’re right; it does take planning, expense and cooking. But…in the long run, if you adhere to the change, you will find yourself (at least I did) realizing that eating stuff like mac and cheese does not appeal to you like it once did. You’ll know that eating it will make you feel lousy, stuffed and guilty. Another thing that has helped with the weight it severely limiting three things: “meat, wheat and sweet.” That is, no red meat, no wheat-based products and no sugar. This sounds undoable, I know, but it works for me (for the most part; I indulge on occasion). The hardest part is when I’m traveling when I rely on salads with chicken breast a lot of the time, even if I have to eat at (gasp) McDonald’s!

    I guess you can tell I’m pretty fanatical about food, but I hope to live a long, healthy life, especially since I’m not a spring chicken any more! 🙂

    Good luck with your transformation!

  2. You’ve made very good observations about food. I have found the most difficult food-issues change to be made, especially as I get older, is that I simply have to eat less. You can still have some mac and cheese but only a very small amount, just a couple of spoonfuls, because it is just too many calories! That is the sad truth of any pasta dish. More salad, less pasta.

  3. It’s been a real struggle to switch to a healthy lifestyle but it has helped me lose 50lbs. The thing though is that organic, farmer’s market fresh was so cheap and readily available in India. Here, I have to think twice because it is twice as expensive. But well worth the time and effort, I think. Can’t completely give up on the sugar and fat.

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