An Avalanche of Inspiration

Writing a daily blog for years on end can be a challenge. Sometimes I really struggle for a topic. I’ve even been known to post things on Facebook that say, “Help! I can’t think of anything to write about in my blog!” So far I’ve always managed to come up with something, but a few times it was a very near thing indeed.

And then there are times like these. Times of abundance. I’m flush with a bountiful harvest of ideas. I have to make lists of things so as not to forget them. As we used to say in the South, I am in high cotton. I am looking at a few weeks where I won’t have to sweat at all.

Why is this time different than others? That’s my one source of frustration at the moment. I don’t have a clue. Perhaps my muse just got back from the Bahamas or something. She’s well rested, nicely tanned, and ready to get back to work. If there were some magic button to press to keep this momentum going, I’d be hopping up and down on it. As it stands, there just seem to be moments of feast and moments of famine.

The blog as a metaphor for life. I’ll take it.

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