Don’t Be Idle

I’d love to think I was preaching to the choir here. Truly I would. But even in Seattle, where we have probably the most concentrated population of environmentally concerned people in America, as well as what is arguably some of the nation’s worst gridlock, I see it all the time. Idling cars.

A lot of people will tell you that you use more gas starting your car than you do by just idling the engine. They have no idea what they’re talking about. According to this article by the Environmental Defense Fund, if you will be idling for more than 10 seconds, it is a great deal more fuel efficient to turn your engine off.


This is my pet peeve. People idling their cars while waiting for my drawbridge to open. Idling at railroad crossings. Idling at the bank drive through. Idling in line at McDonalds. It makes me want to scream. If organizations are truly concerned about the environment, they should post signs at their drive throughs: “Turn off your engine. Idling pollutes!”

So, one more time, so the people in the nosebleed seats can hear me: It will save you money on gas, reduce the toxic emissions that get released into the atmosphere, and is, in fact, better for your car’s engine if you DO NOT IDLE!!!!!!

Please spread the word. This is something all of us can do.


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9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Idle

  1. My pet peeve is drive thrus in general. I love seeing a LONG line at the drive thru. I get out of the car, walk in, and walk out before they have moved an inch. Makes me giggle every time.

    I concur completely on the idling. As a cyclist at the drawbridge, the last thing I want to smell is exhaust!

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