Letting Someone Win

When I was a little girl, I remember running home from school every day, excited to tell my mother what I had learned. She would always make a point of telling me that it was something she already knew. Of course it was. Still, I could never hide my disappointment. I wanted, just once, to be able to teach her something. I do love to share knowledge.

From an adult perspective, I wonder why she couldn’t have occasionally pretended I was broadening her horizons, knowing it would have given me such joy. How hard would it have been? Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is to let them win.

I’m also a firm believer in picking my battles. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a standoff. You’ll want to do something one way, and your “opponent” will want to do it another way. You both want to win. That’s when you have to ask yourself how important this thing is to you. Is it worth putting your foot down? If not, then who cares? Let them have this one. The satisfaction the other person feels will be your reward.

I find it exhausting to be around people who do not have a little generosity in their souls. People who always have to win, who always have to be on top, are tedious. So much winning. I’d much rather associate with people who occasionally take pleasure in allowing others to shine. Somehow they always wind up glowing vicariously when they do so, and it’s beautiful to see.


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