Boycott Automation

I absolutely refuse to go through the self-checkout line at the grocery store. I don’t care how much they urge me. I won’t do it. The way I see it, that’s someone’s job I’d be taking away. The fewer of us who play that game, the fewer grocery stores will think it’s worth trying, and the more people they will have to hire.

I also try to avoid ATM machines whenever possible. I even prefer not to check out my books myself at the library if I have a human option.

Automation is all around us. The trick is not to get used to it. Recently I traveled in Oregon, and was kind of surprised to see that you couldn’t pump your own gas there. I had forgotten that there was once a time when self-service wasn’t an option. How easy it is to forget. Waiting for an attendant was kind of awkward and slow, but it felt good, knowing someone was taking home a paycheck.

I also try to shop at smaller stores and farmers’ markets, and I do my best to eat local and support my neighbors. Am I swimming against the tide? Probably. But these tiny acts of rebellion against corporate America feel good to me. They feel right. And I’ll keep doing them as long as I possibly can.

Power to the people!


Check this out, y’all. I wrote a book!


2 thoughts on “Boycott Automation

  1. lyn sutton

    The youngest consumers don’t have this memory to influence their buying habits. They didn’t live at a time when things like t.v. were a free service. When you tell them how we were duped into paying for cable television, in exchange for no commercials, they’re astonished because the cost rises as commercials and advertisements increase. The majority of consumers have been programmed into accepting this unbalanced state of commercialism and instant gratification by those very commercials and advertisements. A lack of training in critical thinking also contributes to this. (Is it any wonder we wound up with a t.v. reality star ruining the country?) People like you are a minority but we can turn it around by continuing to speak out on these topics and educate those lost to the greed of today’s commercialism. Let’s free those automated robotic mindsets glued to, and addicted to, a corporate operated screen and agenda. To take back the power we need LOUD shiny advertisements, and actions, backing this cause. Let’s use corporate Americas own tactics against them. This larger act of rebellion would feel even better. #I am not a robot… 🙂

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