Random Thots

Sometimes I’ll post the weird detritus of my mind on Facebook, but I rarely blog about these things, because there’s not enough meat on the bone, so to speak, to make an entire blog post. So here are some thoughts, in no particular order, and absolutely unrelated to each other, just to give you something to think about.

  • Why does the word “thought” have “ugh” in the middle?

  • I just figured out why dogs are so afraid of vacuums. They see that most of the stuff in the bag used to be attached to them.

  • Just saw a live National Geographic broadcast. While I’m freezing my butt off in Seattle, 4 lionesses are hunting warthogs on the Masai Mara. Somehow that makes me feel better. But not for the warthogs.

  • Does anyone remember that old ad campaign from the 60’s? “Kruppenheimer suits everybody!” It’s stuck in my head. They apparently don’t suit anybody anymore.

  • You know that Blue Buffalo dog food commercial that says dogs have the spirit of wolves inside, and shows them running with wolves? Wouldn’t it be more fun if the dog they used was a dachshund?

  • I just bought Quagmire a rubber wiener dog that squeaks. He absolutely loves it. Give me strength.

  • You know you’ve got a lot of bat guano in your attic when even the professionals you hire to clean it up are saying, “Ewww, gross.”

  • Oatmeal for dinner. Because sometimes you just want oatmeal for dinner.

  • I vaguely remember, before internet, JUST watching TV, without doing other things at the same time. It’s a distant memory…

  • There’s something inherently cruel and unusual about having to get up before the sun does.

  • I just got some spam that said, “Guess what I’m not wearing?” Uh… your thinking cap?

  • I’m always kind of amused when an obnoxious person thinks that not speaking to someone is a form of punishment.

  • I love opening my drawbridge in the rain. How many people can say they make waterfalls for a living?

    Smile often, dear reader.


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8 thoughts on “Random Thots

      1. lyn sutton

        So what do I do if reading the urban definition of thots gave me an ‘ugh’ thought like… is the male counterpart to a thot just a male and how many more derogatory female labels do we really need? Maybe the ‘ugh’ component of thoughts has purpose. 🙂

  1. lyn sutton

    Random thought inspired by your waterfall thought… my name in Old English: “waterfall” or “pool below a waterfall.” so next time you open your drawbridge in the rain say hi to me and hope for a rainbow. 🙂

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