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I will be the first to admit that writing can be very therapeutic. I have vented my spleen enough in this blog to be able to attest to this firsthand. And I highly recommend journaling or expressing yourself creatively when you are trying to work through your feelings. It can go a long way toward helping you communicate assertively with the person or persons who stirred up these emotions within you.

That’s the healthy scenario.

And then there are those who write bitter diatribes instead of communicating. They sit on those feelings for a decade or more, and let them fester and eat away at their souls. They can’t grow up or move on, like 13-year-olds trapped in aging bodies.

I got to read one such poem the other day, in which the author stated that he’d get a vicarious thrill in watching someone else get hurt. It really made me sad about his arrested development and his inability to communicate and get past his pain.

That this person chose to post this in a public forum makes me question his mental health. It’s a cry for help, but it’s an impotent one. It puts the focus on the pain instead of on the healing. The only thing it achieves is making others feel sorry for him.

Yes, there’s no guarantee that the instigator of your pain is going to understand or apologize or make you feel better if you try to talk to him or her. That person may not even be in your life anymore. But vomiting out your emotions for the world to see will only cause you to be pitied.

Write and then communicate. Or write to educate. Or just write. Or just communicate. Or seek therapy.

But don’t wear your wounds on your forehead for the world to wince at and then do absolutely nothing to treat them. It’s not a good look. And it sure as hell isn’t healthy.

Just a little head wound

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2 thoughts on “Hostile Poetry

  1. leetrichell says:

    That is disturbing to wish someone harm. There are people I really dislike but I don’t wish them pain. I have had a rough life and with that I blamed others. I still feel rage and sadness but through the years I look back and my reaction is the only one hurting and keeping that alive. My anger feeds it. I am a flawed person and threw a lot of pity parties through my life, then I see people in hopeless situations who suffer so much more than I. I have some physical and emotional issues but I am thankful for so much. I fed and festered on stuff for years but I can’t do that anymore. That’s bad energy keeping it charged. Something that happened ten or twenties years ago is not happening now. It might have had a hand in paving the path to an uncomfortable situation I am in now but all I have is now. Ten years ago is not real now. Violence is not the way to solve anything. I use to tell a friend who was always pessimistic to turn the page. Listen to the rain. Try to live with what is now. A person who is consumed with rage needs therapy. They can be a danger to themselves and others.

    1. You really are an inspiration, Lee, in a lot of ways. And yes, this person needs help, if only to release him from a lifetime of misery.

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