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Once upon a time, in the heart of your beloved country, there was a people that we now call the Others. History shows that this place had been their home since at least 1150 B.C. They lived here, loved here, built their communities here. This was home.

But your people needed a home, too. And so, about a hundred years ago, with the help of rich and powerful allies, you moved in. A more accurate term would be “occupy”. You occupied a land that had already been a home to the Others.

At various times, you’ve used warfare and violence to support your claim. Your military might, provided by allies, is unsurpassed. You’ve locked the Others into smaller and smaller areas, hoping they would just disappear. You’ve restricted their movements and their ability to earn a living. You’ve imprisoned them, and attempted to politically expunge them from the record of the world.

You’ve tried to portray their often violent protests regarding your home invasion, as outrageous, terrorist acts. How dare they be angry in any way? What gives them the right? This is your country, bought and paid for by powerful allies. Nothing else matters.

And yet the Palestinians persist. How annoying. How inconvenient.


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4 thoughts on “Absentee Colonialism: A Fable

  1. Angiportus Librarysaver says:

    I wonder who THEY displaced?
    Why can’t people @#$%^&? behave??
    I think you should do a post on that incel murder the other day. Shine enough light on these sickos and they’ll shrivel like salted slugs…I hope.

    1. We’re all displacers if you look back far enough. :/

  2. Angiportus Librarysaver says:

    It was in Toronto. 1 dead, 1 hurt–because this creepo didn’t get laid. All right, end of digression, back to your scheduled brilliance,

    1. People are so easily warped. It’s rather scary.

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