Vegas Chill

A chance to explore at leisure.

On Day 7 of my Western ramble, I was really looking forward to not driving much at all. I slept in, relaxed, and then explored the Bellagio. I was particularly interested in this casino/hotel because I knew they had a display of Chihuly art glass. I’ve blogged about Chihuly before. But calling what is in the reception area of the Bellagio a “display” is like calling the Olympics a high school track meet. This was gigantic.

One of the things that irks me about Vegas is there’s virtually no place to sit down unless you’re gambling. That’s by design, of course. But I longed to sit down and stare at this glass for hours. I was sorely tempted to stretch out on the carpet and just gaze upward, but I suspected security would be called.

After I had my fill of trying to remain balanced while staring straight up with my mouth stupidly hanging open, I decided to explore Paris. And why not? I’d been in Vegas Venice already. May as well walk across the street to France, too!

I had dinner at a place called Mon Ami Gabi, and it really brought me back to some of the places I’ve eaten at in the real Paris. A wall of windows that completely open out to the street when the weather is nice. Honeycomb tiles on the floor. Waiters in black pants and white shirts. And pomme frites in a cup. Ah, the memories.

The place also had a stunning view across the street to the fountains of Bellagio, which dance to music every 15 minutes at night, so I got to see a lot of watery performances during the meal and after. Here’s a video I took of one of them.

Pretty cool, no?

Unfortunately, I also saw panel trucks drive by every few minutes, advertising women on demand. Like they were groceries, or something. Strippers and prostitutes. Free delivery. I’ve never been comfortable with the hyper-sexualization of women in Vegas. The topless showgirls, the voluptuous cartoons on the slot machines, and now this blatant sex trafficking right on the street. And a certain percentage of the female tourists feel compelled to dress in ways they’d never dress elsewhere. It just makes me sad, how easily we are willing to give away our human dignity.

On a lighter note, during the course of the day I met a really good dog. I was allowed to give him a hug. I wanted to hug the stuffing right out of him. I needed that. By this point I was really beginning to miss my dogs terribly.

I didn’t stay up very late. I was going to need my strength for the next day! Enjoy some of my photos.

There are a lot more tales to tell about this trip, but I’ll try not to post them daily, so as not to put off those who aren’t interested in travel blogs. So brace yourself for a good month of every other day adventures! I’ll try to link them together, so that you can start at the beginning if you find yourself in the middle and want to read the whole saga. Here’s a link to the first post in the series. And here’s a link to the next day’s adventure.

I wrote an actual book, and you can own it! How cool is that?


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