Mid-Month Marvels: Chip Drop

Save some money while helping the planet!

I only heard about this amazing organization recently, and man, I wish I had known of this service years ago! Here’s a way to save a fortune on your gardening, and help the planet at the same time. Brilliant!

Many people use beauty bark or other store-bought types of mulch in their gardens every year. They do that to keep weeds at bay and keep the soil moist. But natural, local wood chips are a much better option.

Some people avoid wood chips because they’re afraid that they’ll deplete the nitrogen in the soil. In fact, according to this video, “I wouldn’t increase nitrogen fertilization when using wood chips. They help control weeds, moderate soil temperatures, and retain moisture in the soil. And over the long run, they’ll increase nutrients in the soil, including nitrogen.”

And here’s the best part: If you sign up with Chip Drop, you can get these wood chips delivered to your door for FREE! Chip Drop acts as a liaison between gardeners who need chips and arborists who desperately need to get rid of them. The arborists pay the fees.

There are a few catches, though. You have to take the amount they give you, and sometimes that’s a lot. But you could get together with your neighbors and share. And you sign up, mark a spot for the drop off, and it can come within hours, or it might take weeks. You won’t get any notice. Yeah, that’s a hassle. But, like I said, it’s FREE.

Not only can you revitalize your soil by using Chip Drop, but you also help arborists out, who are up to their eyeballs in wood chips. Having these chips in your garden is much better for the planet than having them rotting away in a pile somewhere, perhaps in a landfill or a compost collection center, not being used as nature intended. These chips deserve to add life to the planet.

So, save some money and hug a (chipped up) tree, folks! Check out chip drop, and see if they serve your area! Happy gardening!

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