Thwart a Terrorist — Build a Bridge

As I’ve mentioned before, my most viewed blog entry is the one on Bridge Symbolism. It’s viewed about 25 times a day, by people all over the world. I have no idea why, but it gratifies me. Now more than ever.

Bridges symbolize connection more than anything else. They join places and people together that might otherwise find it difficult to interact. They link us. They allow us to reach out.

In a world where terrorism seems to be on the rise (as we have all seen recently), it is more important than ever to connect. Terrorists are the very opposite of bridges. They want to cause disconnection. They want us to stop interacting and communicating and learning about one another. They do not want us to be linked. In fact, they want to block our paths. They want us to be afraid to go around the next corner or across the next border.

So I implore you to reject all forms of disconnection and isolation. Cast off all forms of hatred. Extend your hand to your neighbor. Cross over. Make someone welcome. Be a bridge.

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Ego Boost

Go to Google and look up “Bridge Symbolism”. You’ll get over a million results, but the first one, the very first one, is a blog entry I did on that very subject. The first one. On Google. I feel like I’ve hit the big time.

That also would explain why that particular blog entry is the most viewed one on my blog at the moment. I imagine kids all over the world using it as a source for some essay or another. And it’s just something I posted, kind of as an afterthought.

I’m making an impact. How freaky is that? It’s also kind of overwhelming. I really ought to be careful of what I say here. I’m not very good at that. There’s a fine line between being honest and vulnerable and spontaneous and being irresponsible. I’m not sure I’ve found it yet. Bear with me.