Puppy Love

“You do realize they’re only happy to see you because you’re their source of food, right?”

“I refuse to believe that.”

“And they lick you for the salt.”

“You make them sound like parasites.”

“If you started beating them they’d turn on you in a hot minute.”

“The same could be said for the average human.”

“And acting cute helps assure that you keep them around.”

“Here’s a question: Why are you so hellbent on convincing me that my dogs don’t love me? What is love, anyway? Here’s what I know. These dogs keep me warm at night. They help me feel safe. They make me laugh, they help make me feel less alone in the world, they’re someone to talk to, they come to me when they’re afraid, they choose me over everyone else, they bring me joy, and I love them. That’s more than good enough for me.”

puppy love