On Being “Justed”

From the time I was old enough to go to the playground, I was that kid who wanted to be on the very top of the monkey bars.

“You can’t do that! You’re just a girl!”

Oh yeah? Watch me.

I absolutely hate being “justed”. You’re just not smart enough. You’re just a weakling. You’re just too young, too old, too fat, too short. Sorry, you’re just not what we’re looking for. You’re just white trash.

Being justed makes me want to do or be that other thing more than ever.

What breaks my heart is that there are people out there who take those words to heart and give up on their dreams and aspirations. We live in a world of wasted potential. It’s par for the course to get discouraged.

I strongly suspect that this happens more to women and girls than to men and boys. At least, this has been my observation. I hate that the girls of this world are often taught that they are just. Less than. Limited.

But the world is cruel in general, so I suspect it has happened to us all at one time or another. Not that that’s any excuse.

The next time you get justed, don’t give up. Turn it back on them. Say, “Just watch me,” and leave their judgmental butts in the dust.

Thanks, Lee, for inspiring this post!

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You Are Already Enough

Dear You,

I suspect no one has ever told you this, so I figured I would. You are already enough. You were just who you were supposed to be on the day you were born.

I don’t know why people find it so hard to give compliments or encouragement. I really don’t know why so many people delight in being cruel or insulting. But the fact remains. You are enough.

Having ambition and wanting to improve upon yourself isn’t a bad thing, of course. Go for it! But set aside any anxiety you have that is causing you to try to force yourself into a role that makes you uncomfortable. Nobody has the right to pressure you to become someone that you’re not. Deep down, you already know who you are.

Just be yourself. You are one of a kind. Sit in that power. And before you know it (but only if you need to), you will bloom. You have that within you, and chances are, a lot of people already see it, whether they bother to tell you or not.

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