My 2000th Blog Post

Well, holy moly! When I started this daily blog back on December 1, 2012, I would have never guessed that I’d still be going strong 2000 posts later. It’s hard to believe I’ve had 2000 things to say, and that I’m rapidly approaching 200,000 views by 110,000 visitors. A conservative estimate suggests I’ve written over 830,000 words.

I couldn’t have done it without you, dear reader. What has kept this blog so vibrant and interesting for me, especially on days when writer’s block was crushing me like a bug, is your feedback and suggestions. Without that input, I’d feel as though I were typing into a void.

I’ve also made quite a few friends on this forum; people from all over the world. Drawbridge Nation feels like a small, friendly town to me, one that I get to walk through every day. I even think that reading my blog is what finally convinced my boyfriend that I was relationship-worthy, so, yay, there’s that, too!

Because of this blog, I’ve written a book, and am working on a second one. I’m very proud of that. It feels like a tiny bit of immortality for someone who chose not to have children.

I’ve even been recognized on the street a few times, which astounds me. I’m used to thinking of myself as relatively invisible, not, as one reader once described me, “a sort of famous person”.

So I just wanted to thank you for indulging in my random musings, and I hope you’ll stick around for my 4000th post! Meanwhile, I think I deserve a cookie.


Help Me Map Out My Walk Down Memory Lane

Hi everyone! I really could use your help. I’m going to be doing several anthologies of my blog entries, and I need your opinion.

My blog is a bit eclectic. In general, it’s about stuff I think about while sitting up here on my drawbridge. So I’ve been going through old posts and trying to identify various themes that I seem to revisit, and determine which ones are my favorites.

The funny thing about revisiting past writings is that it feels similar to going through old photo albums (remember those?), or school yearbooks. The memories come flooding back and then you look up to find that hours have gone by. Re-reading these posts from years ago feels like going to a high school reunion, only without dreading some of the people you’re going to run into.

What you see below are 10 blog posts from 2012 and 2013 that I think have anthology potential. What I need to know are your thoughts on the subject. Which do you like best? What themes do you enjoy most? Are there any other posts of mine that are your favorites? Is there anything else I should be asking you that I’m overlooking?

Anyone kind enough to voice their opinion will be gratefully acknowledged in one of my anthologies, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. But please know that your insights really matter to me. I write for you!

I seem to write a lot about my insights about nature. Here’s one called A Rare Gift from a Dolphin.

Here’s an example of one of the many things I’ve written about having a sense of myself. Learning about who I am. It’s called Coming full Spiral.

Another one like that is Lightning Strikes and Other Unforeseen Events.

I also love to write about obscure things that may not have crossed your mind, and/or things that most people haven’t heard about. Here’s one called Cool Stuff You Never Knew about your Teeth.

Other times I go for the humor, as in How to Give HORRIBLE Customer Service.

Sometimes I write about travel experiences, such as Reliving the Battle of Olustee.

I like to write about trying to make a difference in one way or another, such as in The Immigration Issue in Reverse.

And I also tend to wax nostalgic, like in Those Moments.

Naturally, I have a lot of drawbridge stories to tell! When in Doubt, Blame the Bridgetender.

And I have plenty of time to come up with quirky insights and wonder about things. Where Are YOU Located?

I really hope I hear from you! Thanks in advance!