Who Needs the Death Penalty?

Here it is, day 70 bajillion (frankly, I’ve lost count) of this whole social distancing, shelter in place, stay-the-eff-away-from-me experiment of ours. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m losing my freakin’ mind. I’m so bored I’m inventing new ways to clip my toenails. (Don’t ask.)

This must be what it’s like to be a prisoner in solitary confinement. If so, it’s an unbelievably harsh punishment. But it goes right along with what I’ve been saying for most of my life: the death penalty is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. In fact, it’s probably a blessed relief for some.

No. I say that if you truly want to punish those who have committed the most heinous crimes, put them in prison and let them rot. That is hell on earth.

I won’t even get into the fact that everything involved with the death penalty is more expensive than incarcerating someone for life. It’s not even worth mentioning that zapping the life out of a person doesn’t bring true closure to the victim’s loved ones. These facts have been proven over and over again.

I’m just saying that making someone go through what we’re all going through at the moment, and then adding no end in sight to it, and the fact that your fellow inmates probably want to kill you, and then having no windows to gaze out of and no access to Netflix on top of that steaming pile is all that they deserve.

So, if anyone ever kills me, please don’t kill them. Just let their minds shrivel up from lack of hope. Let their nerves feel like they’re on the surface of their skin 24 hours a day. Let them want to be anywhere but where they are for the rest of their lives. That will feel like justice to me.


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Hunkered Down and Bored Silly? Here Are Some Ideas.

I’m going nuts with boredom.

So here we are, all sheltering in place as much as humanly possible. It’s the smart thing to do. Stay safe, everyone, and wash your hands.

As an introvert, I thought I would cope better with the situation than I am. But it turns out that it’s one thing to hang out at home alone when it’s your choice, but quite another when it isn’t. Bottom line: I’m going nuts with boredom.

While casting about for something to do, I decided to consult that font of all human knowledge: my Facebook friends. From them I received a lot of great ideas. They seem to break out into several categories.

If you have any additional ideas, please add them to the comments!


  • Assemble a puzzle.

  • Play a board game.

  • Play cards. Maybe even teach yourself a new card game from on line.

  • Read that book that’s been on your nightstand for 6 months.

  • Garden

  • Build something.

  • Create something.

  • Cook something.

  • Exercise.

  • Play fetch with your dog.

  • Paint.

  • Hike in a remote area.

  • Binge watch TV.

  • Take a hot bath.

  • Pamper yourself.

  • Talk to loved ones on phone or skype.

  • Feed the birds.

  • Make candles.

  • Get a jump on your homemade Christmas presents.

  • Knit or crochet or sew.

  • Do a renewed push on those New Years Resolutions that you’ve already abandoned.

  • Blog.

  • Write.

  • Make your own jewelry.

  • Meditate.

  • Take a nap.

  • Listen to podcasts.

  • Join a virtual book club, or create your own with friends.

  • Create a treasure hunt for a family member.

  • Listen to music and dance.

  • Read my book and start a gratitude practice.


  • Watch some documentaries.

  • Read! Read! Read!

  • Update your web presence.

  • Take an online class.

  • Learn a musical instrument.

  • Learn to play chess.

  • Find a new charity to promote/support.


  • Cancel all those pre-COVID reservations.

  • Do your spring cleaning early.

  • Kick a bad habit.

  • Get rid of clutter.

  • Fix what’s broken.

  • Update your resume.

  • Reorganize your closets.

  • Do some yard work.

  • Do the long neglected things on your to do list.

  • Organize your photos.

  • Rearrange your furniture.

  • Wash your windows.board games