There’s a Hair Freezing Contest? Sign Me Up!

Take THAT, boredom!

My life is officially complete. While wandering aimlessly through cyberspace on the day of this writing, I came across this CNN article, along with some really amazing photographs. You really should check it out.

It seems that deep in Canada’s Yukon, so remote that it’s 18 miles North of Whitehorse, which is already as remote as most people ever dream of getting, there is a place called Takhini Hot Pools. They must have the most talented Public Relations person on earth, because they came up with a Hair Freezing Contest. It would definitely take something this outlandish to get me to patronize this place, and now it’s on my bucket list.

Winners of this contest’s various categories get $2000 (Canadian, it’s safe to assume, because you can’t have everything), plus free soaks at the hot springs and a 12 punch pass (as if I’m going way up there 12 times.) Still, I bet this contest has increased patronage quite a bit.

For this frigid hairstyle to work, you have to visit the pool on a day when the air is at least as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrrr. The pools themselves are around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so once you take the plunge and completely wet your hair, you just stick your head above the waterline and wait for it to freeze. Even your eyebrows and lashes will freeze. It looks pretty amazing.

The sad news is that this business is currently closed. It’s a combination of the pandemic, and the fact that they’re building a new and improved facility, which will be called Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs. They claim it’s coming soon, but they haven’t yet provided a specific date, and I’m sure COVID has thrown construction off schedule. But I have high hopes that this contest will be back up and running in some future winter. Something to look forward to.

I love how creative we humans can be. It seems that the more isolated we are, the more imaginative we become. Take that, boredom! This very human quality gives me great hope for society moving forward.

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