Fire Drill Fridays

I think the first time it really dawned on me that otherwise perfectly reasonable (to my mind) people had extremely different worldviews than I did was when I was 22 and working at a video rental store.

A customer asked me if we had the movie Electric Horseman. I had to ask my boss. She said, with tight lips, that they didn’t carry any Jane Fonda movies. I thought, “Why not? I love her movies.”

I had no idea about her visit to Hanoi, or even what that meant, really, because I was 10 years old when Saigon fell. The Vietnam war was a very confusing, very distant blip on my radar as a child, so one woman’s visit there, and the controversy it stirred up, was something I only learned about later in life.

I’d like to think, though, that if I had been an adult at the time, I’d have been protesting the war, too. Would I have gone about it the way she did? No. Even she admits she has regrets about that now. But I genuinely believe that her intentions were good, and that the mostly debunked rumors surrounding her actions have gotten things so twisted that the truth will never be known.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Jane Fonda has lived her beliefs her whole life. She has been an anti-war, pro-feminist, environmental activist, and worked tirelessly for those causes for as long as I have drawn breath.

I really can’t understand people who are against these causes, but I’d at least respect their integrity if they were as devoted and outspoken as Fonda has been. Anyone who puts their convictions into action, and tries so hard to do what they feel is right, is pretty darned impressive. More power to them.

As you read this, Jane Fonda is most likely getting arrested for the 5th Friday in a row as part of her Fire Drill Friday protests for environmental change. She intends to do this every single Friday through January, and actually moved to Washington DC to do these protests on Capitol Hill, to raise awareness in our politicians about the climate emergency we are now in.

As polarizing as she may be, I stand with Jane Fonda in her efforts, and hope you will as well. The health of this planet and all its inhabitants are at stake. There should be no controversy in that.

First Fire Drill Friday in Washington DC

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I had a wonderful dream last night. It was inauguration day, and as usual, Washington DC was packed with people. But when Donald Trump was about to be sworn in, more than half the crowd turned its back.

Can you imagine the impact that would have? It would be peaceful, yet visual. It would be impossible for the press to ignore. It would make a bold statement.

By giving Trump your back, you are saying that you do not stand with him. You do not respect his beliefs, policies or ideas any more than he respects most of yours. It’s a short and sweet criticism of a man whose attention span is no longer than the average tweet.

If this idea were to catch on, people would start turning their backs on him wherever he goes. People would begin standing outside the White House and Trump Tower with their backs toward them. He would no longer be able to maintain the illusion that he won by a landslide.

We have the numbers on our side. We have the masses. And if we showed this type of unity, we would be hard to ignore.

Let the whole world know that the average American does not stand for racism and hate and greed and sexism. We don’t stand for it, we don’t support it, and we won’t give this bullying narcissist the attention he so desperately desires.

So spread the word any way you can! #GiveTrumpBack


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