Christmas Baby Syndrome

If, like mine, your birthday falls between now and New Year’s Day, let me offer you my profound condolences. Invariably, you will be asked if your birthday celebration can be combined with the family’s Christmas gathering, because, well, it’s such a busy time of year after all. Your special day won’t even be acknowledged at work because everyone will be out of town. Your gifts, if you even get any, will most likely be wrapped in red and green, and you’ll get those nifty happy birthday/merry Christmas combination cards. If your birthday falls after Christmas, even YOU will be sick and tired of being in celebration mode, and will most likely want to skip your party, too.

Fortunately, there ARE ways to get around this. A friend of mine’s daughter was born on Christmas day, so when she was old enough to notice, they let her pick a day, any day of the year, and that would be the day they’d celebrate. I think this is a healthy solution. I only wish I had thought of this when I was younger. What I do, on the other hand, is celebrate my “unbirthday”. Exactly 6 months from my birthday, I give myself a day of pampering. I buy myself a gift. I eat my favorite food, and/or do something I’ve always wanted to do. This has always been a very satisfying experience. In fact, I recommend it to everyone, regardless of their birth date.

My niece’s baby is due on December 21st. This poor kid will not only be a Christmas baby, but will potentially be held responsible for the end of the world, since the Mayan calendar ends that day. Or maybe, on the other hand, he’ll be considered the reason the world DIDN’T end, which could be kind of cool. No pressure! I’m sure he’ll have interesting stories to tell someday.

One advantage of being a Christmas baby is that you are automatically a member of a very special fraternity (or sorority, as the case may be). When you meet a fellow traveler, you bond over the special thing you have in common, because like no one else can, we all get it.

So Happy Holidays to one and all, especially if the holiday in question is your birthday.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Baby Syndrome

    1. TheViewfromaDrawbridge

      I highly recommend it! It took me a couple years to stop feeling like this was a gratuitous ego massage. Now I look at is as something I’ve earned and deserve. We pat ourselves on the back too infrequently, if you ask me.

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