They Like Me! They Really, Really Like Me!

Everybody teases Sally Fields for having said that, but I totally get it.


Today, one of my recent blog entries, , is being printed as the back page editorial in Folio Weekly, which is Jacksonville, Florida’s alternative newspaper. It’s the forth or fifth time they’ve printed something of mine, but it’s always a rush to see my name in print.

All my life people have told me I should be a writer, but I just never seem to have the drive to follow through with it. I’ve done freelance editing and transcribing and writing, but I’ve yet to get paid for a creative submission, something of my very own. Probably because I’ve never submitted anything for pay. Yeah, I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. The Folio articles are all freebies.

You see, I hate rejection. At the risk of setting the Women’s Movement back about 50 years, I don’t know how men do it, honestly. If I had to ask someone out and they said no, I’d be sucking my thumb in the fetal position for about a week. If I were a guy, I’d have been a 40 year old virgin, I’m sure. Conquering this fear of rejection thing is one of the items I would put on my list of new year’s resolutions, if I were the resolution type. Maybe the lack of follow through thing would be on that list, too, if I would only get around to it.

But as usual, I digress.

Perhaps I’m feeling overly sentimental because I’m still sick as a dog, but I guess this is just my way of saying (as I look down and draw lines in the dirt with the toe of my Chuck Taylors)…thanks for reading my blog. It really does mean a lot to me.

9 thoughts on “They Like Me! They Really, Really Like Me!

  1. Vicky

    Congratulations, and I like you and your writing! I look forward to your offerings, and don’t always comment, but always read it, sometimes multiple reads. I send it to my Beloved, and he reads also.
    I am sick too!! We need pho!!!

  2. Albert Abelhauser

    Barb, Keep them coming. We all love them. I finally got the pictures of the kids copied. Having trouble with the printer but will bring them to Betty the next time we go to her place. Love Cathy & Al… Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 07:07:01 +0000 To:

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