I Love Kokopelli

Ah, Kokopelli, the trickster, the fertility God of the tribes of the American Southwest. I just love this guy! Not only is he a symbol of abundant crops and the production of game animals, but he is the purveyor of trinkets, and he chases away winter and ushers in spring.

He is known to bring babies on his back, so young girls tend to fear him, and heaven knows I can understand why. In addition he carries news from afar, is the ultimate story teller, and he has the gift of languages. And he also plays a pretty mean flute and has cool hair. What’s not to like?

What I admire about Kokopelli the most is that he’s accorded a complex character. He’ll play tricks on you, yes, but he’ll also bring you abundance. He’s the ultimate “I don’t care what you think” kind of dude, the quintessential bad boy, and he gets away with it! That is the epitome of freedom.

One of my favorite stories about Kokopelli is that he has been known to detach his phallus, float it down the river to a nearby village to impregnate all the women therein, and the men are actually grateful to him! Talk about charm. Talk about charisma. I mean, who gets away with stuff like that?

Kokopelli, if you’re reading this, call me, darlin’.


13 thoughts on “I Love Kokopelli

      1. Why did Pedro Menendez bring a dwarf to Florida? Partly for entertainment, but hunchbacks and dwarfs gave Cortez a link to Kokopelli. Superstition and religion did help cause the downfall of the Aztec empire to a small force of soldiers. Menendez may have used the dwarf in a similar way. Florida links to Flora, the Roman fertility goddess. The Roman fertility god is Dis Pater. Dis as in Disney. The Norse have a fate deities known as the Dis. It appears you made your first visit on my page. Do you see the logic in my book? By the way what animal did Circe turn men into? I have my reasons to pick fights with Feminists.

      2. Ponce de Leon spotted Florida coast on Easter Sunday and named it for the Easter feast, which, correlates to the Pagan festival of spring; which, honored Flora, the goddess of flowering. Etymology alone links Florida to Flora

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  2. Joni

    My Kokopelli earring turned completely backward which is physically impossible… part of me gets a kick out of it and part of me is nervous… in that time period I had gone to Native American burial mounds in Georgia

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