RIP Nelson Mandela

It is very rare when the loss of someone constitutes a loss for all mankind. Gandhi springs to mind. And Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King. And now Nelson Mandela is counted among their number.

He showed the world that it is possible to be a politician and still have integrity and act for the good of his entire country, not just for those who agreed with him.

He showed us that it is possible to suffer years of abuse and injustice and still maintain your compassion and dignity.

He showed us that kindness and decency can be as powerful a force as evil and corruption. It may not be the easiest path to take, but it is the righteous one.

I am proud to have had the privilege  to share the planet with such a great human being, and I weep because I fear we will never see the likes of him again.


Rest in peace, Madiba. You have earned it.

8 thoughts on “RIP Nelson Mandela

  1. Vicky

    May his Tribe increase. He has shown us a way, as have all the great souls, what may be done with what we have, where we are. I like to think of how he might have used my life, if he had been given that as a palette. Serious reality check.

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