Late Spring Fever

Yeah, I suppose it’s a little early for this, but I’m feeling fidgety. I wish it were May. I want to get outside and feel the sun on my face and watch the flowers bloom. I want to curl my toes in some wet beach sand and taste the salt air on my lips. I want to dance in the rain without worrying about hypothermia.

I want to smell the barbecue going next door, and at night I want to hear horny cats howling at each other. I’m craving lemonade and watermelon and pizza. (Well, actually, I’m always craving pizza.)

I even feel like washing the car in my cutoff shorts and bare feet, and opening every window in my house so that all my paperwork blows off my tables. I want my dogs to dance around my skirts as we romp in the back yard.

Abundance. Yeah. That’s what I want. Abundance and fresh avocados.


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14 thoughts on “Late Spring Fever

  1. Carole

    Hold on to those thoughts Barbara, we have three+ inches of snow today. I drove home in it and almost made it up the driveway. Almost. My car will sit down the hill probably until Thursday when it may get over freezing. But I did manage to stop and get a Pizza on my way home.

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