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Do you ever think about the miracle of your existence? It’s incredible, really. The odds of you… you actually being here to read this blog are greater than being struck by lightning.

Think of the one hundred generations that had to to procreate before you were even born. They had to survive plagues and wars and pestilence and catastrophe and childbirth. They had to be smart enough not to fatally injure themselves, and mentally healthy enough not to end it all. They had to meet just the right person to produce just the right child that would then meet just the right person… and so on. If even just one of those guys had spent just 5 extra minutes in the bushes or the outhouse or the bathroom on the day he was destined to meet his life partner, he may have met someone else and this current version of you wouldn’t exist.

And even before that, the planet had to develop in just the right way to sustain life. The primordial ooze had to be just oozy enough. The earth had to be the correct distance from the sun. It had to have water and develop plants and animals. Our ancestors had to be great swimmers, then great crawlers, then great climbers, then great runners. The dinosaurs had to be wiped out. The continents had to divide. The climate had to be just right in order for us to survive.

No wonder we have such high opinions of ourselves! What a miracle it is to be alive! What a precious gift!

Let’s try really hard not to screw it up for the generations to come, shall we?

Enjoying the sun

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9 thoughts on “Congratulations, You’re Alive!

  1. Carole says:

    I think the first thing I should do at the beginning of each day is Thank God, then ask myself what can I do to make this a better world. Sometimes, maintaining the status quo is the right choice.

    1. Very true. I’m only just learning that now.

  2. I mean, technically speaking, we had to survive for millions of years in one form or another, each managing to reproduce… so we probably aren’t descended from the bravest line… I did a post about this… just saying…

    1. Well, when all is said and done, I think being a survivor is more important than being brave.

  3. Great message and so beautifully written. I

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