The Shortest Romance in the History of the World

A friend of mine sent me a link to a story about Richard Dunn, a guy who, finding himself stranded overnight in the Las Vegas Airport, asked for a roll of tape and shot this hilarious video by attaching his phone to his suitcase, among other things, and making creative use of escalators, moving walkways, signage and water bottles.

I saw this video and fell instantly in love. First of all, I appreciated this guy’s self-deprecating humor, which made me laugh at a song that I’ve more than once cried to in my lifetime. I also admired his intelligence and creativity. He could have felt sorry for himself and slept on the airport floor all night (which I’ve done a time or two myself), but instead he decided to do something innovative and fun, and that suggests that he’d be fun to be around. And he knows how to make the best of a bad situation and does not take himself too seriously, which are very valuable qualities in a life partner. The whole video is one delight after another. It also doesn’t hurt that he appears to be in my age group and I find him physically attractive.

So I went there in my head. I doubt it’s any secret that I have an overactive imagination, but I pictured us 20 years from now sitting on the veranda of our mountain cabin (because he, of course, would naturally want to live where I want to live), our grandchildren at our feet (which is an amazing feat since I am past childbearing age and wouldn’t want kids even if I could still have them, but allow me a little poetic license, here.) He’s saying, “Yeah, your grandma and I met because she saw this little video I did, and she contacted me, and it was love at first sight.” Happily ever after, and with many fun stories about being stranded in airports all around the world. I had found my soul mate.

And then I watched the video again and noticed the wedding ring. It was right there the whole time. CRAP!!!!

Richard, Richard, what might have been. How will I break the news to the grandchildren? Ah well. At least we’ll always have the Las Vegas Airport.

So I’m snuffing out the candles, and turning off the hot tub in my mind. I guess I’ll order pizza and drown my sorrows in hot pepperoni. Next!

Check out my follow up on this blog entry here. It’s been crazy!

17 thoughts on “The Shortest Romance in the History of the World

  1. natasha

    Yes, sorry to say he is taken. I had a GREAT laugh at your story and appreciate the fact you find him funny as this was one of the reasons I married him. We have been together for 20+ yrs and on a daily basis makes me laugh! We do have a great story with which to tell our grandkids on how we met… I noticed him in a class during college, of course one couldn’t help but notice him as he was standing in front of everyone talking about a newspaper article about elephants. I thought him to be the BIGGEST nerd out there (he carried a briefcase – who does that!) & totally dismissed him. A few days later I saw him on campus riding a motorcycle and thought – I’ve never ridden a motorcycle and I want to! I approached him, asked him for a ride and we have been together ever since. Luckily he was cute, had a bike and made me laugh – great combo! Good luck finding Mr Right & enjoy that pepperoni pizza.

    1. What a wonderful story! That really makes me smile. Thank you so much for contacting me. And yes, I sincerely believe that pepperoni has healing properties. 🙂 My Mr. Right passed away in March, actually, but hopefully there’s more than one in the world. Cherish your happy relationship. You are truly blessed!

      1. natasha

        I love to know that your blog has gotten so many hits, it truly is great! I shared with all my FB friends and I know several of them shared it too and the loved it as much as Richard and I did.

        I am so incrdibley sorry to know that your Mr. Right passed away but I honestly do believe there is another great one out there for you.

        Keep writing as we are enjoying your thoughts! And thanks again for your hilarious outtake on “Lonely Airport Guy”.

      2. It’s truly crazy, Natasha. I got 735 hits yesterday, and 75 so far today, when my norm is usually 45 a day! But this is nothing compared to the attention that you guys have been getting. This must have been an interesting journey for you guys! I kind of feel as if I’m riding on your coat tails.

        As for my Mr. Right, I live in hope. Best wishes to you and your family.

    2. And wow, all this notoriety must feel awfully strange for you guys. I’m already getting a record number of hits for this blog entry. Someone must have posted a link to it somewhere on Facebook, but even this tiny bit of attention feels weird. I can’t even imagine what you guys are experiencing. Have fun with it!

    3. Natasha, oh what a good sport you are. And your guy is a keeper. I feel the same about my sweetie. Sometimes it is that simple isn’t it? You meet and share that moment AND your in it for good. Now, as to how I might spend a night in an airport with 8 hours to occupy–when it happened Dan and I were on route to Moline, IA and stuck in O’Hare! Thankfully together. Very little sleep on those Coleman cots with thin fleece blankets and scratch pillows. Plus, they wake you at 4am anyway. Breakfast at 5:30am sure tasted GREAT that morning! We laugh about now every time we think about plane travel.

      Richard, I hope you are still making movies in and out of airports late at night.

      And, Barb, you know how much I love your blog and best of all your take on life. Counting down the days till we launch your first anthology on GRATITUDE. 🙂

  2. Carole Lewis

    How great this whole experience has been for you, and everyone that clicks on your blog. View from a Drawbridge will make us, laugh, cry, challenge ourselves, provoke thought, introduce us to other worlds, while making us look deeper into our own. I am always seeking more knowledge, hungering for more compassion and thirsting for understanding of the unknown. Who would have thought One Click would bring all this to little ole me. Thank Barb. You were a hidden gem, but no longer. We are all enjoying the ride. And, I hope Richard and Natasha keep in touch.

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