Kitchen Gadgets

While packing up my kitchen for my upcoming move, I came across a garlic press. As much as I adore garlic, I’ve never used a garlic press in my entire life. I don’t even know where this one came from. That also goes for the electric ice cream churn an ex-boyfriend brought home. He felt all triumphant because it was on sale, but we only used it once, so that was the most expensive ice cream in the history of the world. And does anyone actually use bread makers on a regular basis? Or fondue pots?

Whenever I see one of those late night cable TV commercials that features the newest highly-specialized kitchen doodad, I shake my head sadly. People will waste their money on this stuff, and it will take up space and gather dust, and eventually be relegated to the nearest landfill. The same goes for the vast majority of exercise equipment, books and magazines, and highly trendy clothing. It’s just dead weight.

Between economic downturns, violent conflicts, increasing crime and global warming, I truly believe this planet is going to become more nomadic in nature, and all this useless crap will be an ever increasing burden. If you are forced to own a storage unit because you have no room for everything you’ve accumulated, you are doing something seriously wrong with your life. Lighten your load. That’s what I am trying to do. That garlic press is going in the Goodwill pile.

garlic press

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11 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Ren Goldstein

    Fondue pots never get any love! I finally gave mine to Goodwill after probably ONE usage. My garlic press on the other hand… I am very attached to. If you ever feel a sickness coming on, press some raw garlic onto some toast. Not only will the strength of the garlic wake you up (woah- it is strong), but more often than not, it helps you fight off whatever it is you are coming down with… sounds crazy, but it works! Unfortunately, it also does not make anyone want to stand too close. :p

      1. Carole Lewis

        We had a pocket fisherman for many years, it works and can be pulled out at any time at a pond or creek or river. That is if you don’t need a license. You can still find them around the holidays.

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