Drawbridge Tao

People can take it very personally when you interrupt their morning commute. Even though the average drawbridge opening takes only 4 minutes from start to finish and they should know to allow for the fact that their route crosses a drawbridge, when those red lights start to flash and that bell starts to clang, people tend to lose it.

I have been pelted with eggs, beer bottles, and a wide variety of garbage. I’ve been cursed at and have learned a few new rude gestures. I always feel kind of sorry for these people. It’s such a minor thing in the overall scheme. It’s really nothing to get so worked up about. And it’s not as if I’m doing it to intentionally ruin someone’s day. If you want to throw eggs, throw them at the boaters. Just doin’ my job, here.

Having recently lost someone I love, I’m very conscious these days as to how very precious time is. Getting amped up over a 4 minute delay, especially when there’s nothing you can do about it, is not a good use of that time. Impotent rage rarely adds anything positive to one’s day.

Instead, I admire those people who embrace the opening. If it’s a nice day, they get out of their cars, breathe the fresh air and take in the view. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! The universe has provided you with an opportunity to slow down. Enjoy it.

So next time you’re stopped by a drawbridge, don’t fight the experience. Become one with the opening. You might just learn something about yourself.


[Image credit: ava7.com]

7 thoughts on “Drawbridge Tao

    1. Not all cameras record. And I wrote a blog entry a while back about some kids who shot a coworker in the head with a paint gun. She got a concussion when she hit the concrete and was hospitalized. They were never caught. Another guy got hit with a pumpkin on halloween. Could have killed him.

  1. KerrickM

    Someone would probably then claim they were aiming at the tower, and get the charge reduced to “mere” vandalism. But I gather it happens here too, and I would not blame you if you put up a sign saying “If you must throw @#$%, throw it at the *&^%$#@ boat.”
    Sometimes when I’m tired and just want to get home, I get a tiny bit annoyed if I have to wait on something–e.g., someone in a wheelchair needs to get on the bus–but I remind myself that it’s only a couple minutes, I usually have something to read, and it’s a good thing people with handicaps are being helped. Traffic @#$%ups on the freeway, that’s another thing…
    I hope that you and your bridges and their “customers” both ways, all survive the hurricane season with no difficulty.

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