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Believe me, I hate to ask. I’d much rather help others than be helped myself. The fact is, I’m desperate.

I’ve been through a lot in the past 5 years. I’ve been swindled out of 3,500.00 (read more about that here), my car has been totaled, I lost my life savings (read more about that here), I incurred another useless degree and a student loan to go along with it (read more about that here), the love of my life died unexpectedly (read more about that here), and I was therefore kicked out of my apartment.

But I have this one chance to turn my life around. I got this phenomenal job offer, one that would change my life dramatically, but it’s on the other side of the continent. Relocating will cost me $10,000. I’m about $5,000 short, so a friend suggested I try crowdfunding. The fact that I’ve already had contributions, several from people who have never even met me, others whom I haven’t seen in decades, humbles me and brings tears to my eyes. This reaffirmation of my faith in humanity is even more valuable than the money could ever be.

My life is one Big Do Over, so that’s what I decided to call my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Check it out here. Also check out the related video below.

Even if you are struggling as much as I am, and therefore can’t help financially, you can help me a great deal by spreading the word. Repost this blog entry, please, or share it on social media in as many ways as you can. Thanks in advance.

(For those of you who get this via e-mail, the video can be found here: )

20 thoughts on “I Really Need Your Help

  1. I love seeing the real you! I wish I could help. I’m not working right now. And we are hugely in debt. I wish you all the best of luck.

    1. I totally understand. Thanks. But you COULD repost my blog… You have a lot more readers than I do.

      1. Remind me tomorrow… I am in the middle of something.

      2. I tried to reblog it twice…. and it just never appears on my blog… I have no idea what is going on.

      3. I dunno. All I know is to click on “reblog” that shows up at the top black bar of the page…

      4. I did… it always worked before

      5. Strange. Well, you could write about it and include a link to my blog entry, or to my indiegogo campaign, or both…

      6. Am I smart enough to do that???

      7. Hey… it worked this time…

  2. Sofia Leo says:

    Reblogged this on I Won't Take It and commented:
    Help a sister out! Less than $4000 stands between Barbara and her Dream Job. Please contribute if you can.

    1. Thank you so much, Sofia! I wouldn’t be doing this if I weren’t desperate. I appreciate you spreading the world. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

      1. Sofia Leo says:

        Just get over here to the Left Coast and live a happy life 🙂

      2. Trying. But now my car has just become a 2000 pound paperweight. Yet another hurdle. Beginning to wonder if it’s meant to be.

      3. Sofia Leo says:

        Oh, crap. That really bites and I’m sorry. Maybe this little run of bad luck is the beginning of a fabulous new life! I’m a “Hey! We’ve got a glass here, let’s fill it up!” kinda gal, so I’ll be thinking positive for you 🙂

      4. Thank you! Positive thoughts always help. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Pouring My Art Out and commented:
    Help a sister out…

  4. Strong woman! I wish her the best!

    1. Awwwww, thank you. I appreciate that.

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