An Absence of Wrong Things

I’ve discovered that it’s never a good idea to try to solve the world’s problems, or even my own, when I’m tired. Or hungry. Or lonely. Or angry. Or scared.

I was pretty much all of the above the other day, and I had a moment (a few hours, actually) of existential panic. I messaged a friend, “Am I doing the right thing?” He responded, “Do you see an absence of wrong things?”

What a wise and wonderful friend is he. Making this major change in location, job, and existence in general has deleted a lot of negative things from my life. Cockroaches. A job that did not pay me enough to survive. Brutal heat. A city that I’ve tried to get out of for thirty years. Lots and lots and lots of ghosts.

Change is scary as hell, and I now have a mountain of debt to climb and a ton of challenges, and I’m all alone, and that is bound to freak me out now and then. But maybe when I panic I just need to get a good night’s rest, and then wake up and look at all the detritus I’ve left behind, and appreciate the fact that my life has become all that much lighter for having done so.

Wishing you an absence of wrong things!


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