Throw Me a Bone

I just finished training on the University Drawbridge. That’s two Seattle bridges under my belt. So if you count the three bridges I was qualified on in Jacksonville, Florida and the one in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, that’s 6 bridges I’ve operated, and that includes all three main types of bridge (bascule, lift, and swing). I know of only one other bridgetender who has such varied experience. (If there are any others out there, I’d love to talk to them!) I’m rather proud of myself.

But as I write this, I can’t really show how chuffed I am because I’m in the presence of one of those people who frowns upon kudos, whether self-awarded or not. I’ve heard this called “tall poppy syndrome”. If you stick your head up above the other poppies around you, this type of person will chop it off. I’ve never understood this mindset.

It’s always been my philosophy that you should give credit where credit is due. Not only does that engender positive attitudes all ’round, but also if you allow others to shine, you benefit from the glow yourself. If your team members look good, the whole team looks good by association.

But some people simply cannot throw others a bone. They think it’s more impressive if they hoard them all for themselves. So I’ll do my prideful happy dance when I get home. Until then, I know this is an accomplishment, and no one can take that away from me. Yay!

“…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” ~Marianne Williamson


13 thoughts on “Throw Me a Bone

  1. KerikM

    What they said, provided you show sufficient empathy for those who tried their best and were defeated by circumstances beyond their control.
    I had the impression (having once talked to one) that operators usually had experience of more than one bridge, but more than one species must be a lot less common, and the trifecta you have achieved is book-worthy. Have you found that they each have their own mechanical “personalities”?

    1. Every single bridge has its own personality. Its own quirks, its own tendencies to break down in its own special way. Some are slow to wake up in the morning. Some insist that you pause at various points in the procedure. Others will not tolerate a pause. Once you learn its language and temperament you can get into the zone.

  2. Melvin Collins (Mel Ksham)

    Well done you. Tall poppy people, people standing with their head above the sheeple, something to be admired, don’t let them cut you down to their level. 🙂

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