Money Well Spent?

Someone just bought the bike from the film Easy Rider for 1.35 million dollars. Stuff like this makes me want to scream. For a little bit of perspective, I did some research. Here’s what I found out. 1.35 million dollars equals any one of the following:

  • 54,000 microloans on, which in turn would allow 54,000 third world families to live healthier lives.
  • Enough food to feed 168,750 people for a day, or keep 462 people from starving for an entire year.
  • Enough mosquito nets to save 450,000 children in Africa from dying of malaria.
  • A full course of vaccines for 270,000 children, as provided by UNICEF
  • 6,750,000 pencils for under-supplied schools.
  • Enough wool blankets to keep 192,857 homeless people warm this winter.
  • 54,000 pairs of shoes for people who have been victims of natural disasters.
  • 67,500 LifeStraws, each of which can provide safe, drinkable water for an entire year.

So if you are the one who bought that damned motorcycle, I sure hope you enjoy the ride.

EASY RIDER, Peter Fonda, 1969

8 thoughts on “Money Well Spent?

  1. KerikM

    I feel the same way about art. If someone has issues that lead them to pickle a dead shark so it is neither edible nor well-preserved, that’s their business, but why would anyone be crazy enough to spend a lot of money on it?

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