The Bumblebee Shirt

I am convinced that some people should not be allowed to dress themselves. You know the ones. You pass them on the street and the first thing that crosses your mind is, “What the hell were you thinking this morning?”

I must admit I’m not exactly a fashion plate myself. Comfort matters much more to me than brand names or the latest trend. But I try not to clash. I try to avoid spandex. I try to be age appropriate. And as a general rule I try not to look ridiculous.

I used to date a guy who liked to wear a golf shirt that consisted of wide alternating stripes of olive drab and mustard yellow, which was horrible, but tolerable, until you added in the fact that it had a large powder blue coat of arms stitched on the upper left side. I used to call it the bumblebee shirt. The thing was awful. And it didn’t help that he was a redhead. People would stare at him with a look of pity when he wore it.

I have to admit that I teased him about this shirt. This was before I realized that he hadn’t matured past the age of 12 and that teasing actually emotionally lacerated this guy. You couldn’t even get into water fights while washing the car with him, because he’d take it personally and actually get tears in his eyes. This made it awfully hard to have fun with him.

When we broke up, I discovered that what I intended as good-natured teasing and maybe a little bit of advice came off as bullying to him. He never had the backbone to speak up at the time, and eventually he got rid of the shirt. But now I feel kind of bad about it. Maybe it would have been better to let him be laughed at by the whole world. I was genuinely trying to protect him from that. But he was notorious for not picking up on blatantly obvious social cues, and ignorance is, after all, bliss.

bumblebee shirt

He actually wore all of this stuff except the tank top.

6 thoughts on “The Bumblebee Shirt

  1. KerikM

    Who makes up all these fashion rules anyway? “Age-appropriate” sounds just age-ist. Human beings not at work should be able to wear whatever the heck they please. Neither men nor women are obligated to be “sexy” all the time. People fuss too much over clothes already.
    Tastes in colors, etc. are in the eye of the beholder. I am not much on olive drab next to anything, but no one is forcing me to look at it. We each have 2 eyes that can shut and a neck that can turn.
    Anything interesting going on with the bridges?

    1. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. Fat and 50, if I tried to wear the stuff I did at 16, people would either run screaming in horror or laugh themselves helpless. As far as the bridges, a piece fell off of university today. (Plastic grating that is fitted above the trolley connections.) What a mess. They’ll be fixing it next week.

  2. KerikM

    Of course you should wear whatever will keep people off your back…but those who get on it, ever, are still wrong to do so, and they should be called on it. Glad no one was hurt by falling pieces of bridge…

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