As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, I recently visited the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum. There was some absolutely gorgeous work on display, but this one, in particular, made me come to a full halt and really think. It’s called GONE, and it was made by Barbara Nepons.


In the description it says, “Hundreds of species are no longer with us. It’s important to reveal these mostly forgotten or unknown animals to those of us living today, so we can remember and learn.”

As you look closer, you see names of all the animals that are gone, and the sheer number hit me in the gut. This is the tragic animal equivalent of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, which also brings tears to my eyes. Gone, as in lost forever. Gone as in never ever to be seen again. Gone.





So I decided to Google some of these creatures to see if I could find pictures. Look at them and think about the fact that you’re never going to see them alive again. Ever. If that doesn’t deserve a moment of silence, nothing does.

Pink-Headed Duck

Pink-Headed Duck

Sardinian Pika

Sardinian Pika

Caucasian Wisent

Caucasian Wisent

Toolache Wallaby

Toolache Wallaby

Big Eared Hopping Mouse

Big-Eared Hopping Mouse


Cuban Red Macaw

sea mink

Sea Mink

Lerma Chub

Lerma Chub

Coua de Delalande Coua delalandei Snail-eating Coua

Snail-Eating Coua

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