More Money Than Sense

As a bridgetender, I often observe people in million dollar vessels doing the most idiotic things you can imagine. First of all, the price of the vessel seems to be directly proportionate to the lack of safety equipment on board. Rich people don’t seem to believe in marine radios or horns. They simply assume people will read their minds and get out of the way accordingly. They’ll casually drift into the path of 2000 ton barges and wonder why those barges aren’t giving way. They also seem to think that because they can afford a wet bar, this gives them license to drive while intoxicated.

This type of behavior isn’t restricted to boats. How often have you seen people in expensive sports cars driving recklessly? And don’t even get me started about private jets.

The more money you make, the more you risk suffering from what I call Do You Know Who I Am Syndrome. As in, I’m so special that the rules don’t apply to me. As in, I can now afford to stop taking anyone else into consideration.

So, you’re wealthy. Yeah, that means you might have worked hard at some point, and therefore deserve a cookie. It definitely means that you’re lucky. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re intelligent, Buddy-Roo.


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