Have We Forgotten the Ukraine?

I get it. We have neither the money, the time, the moral currency, nor the manpower to intervene in every international atrocity. God knows we’ve left Tibet dangling since 1951, Burma since 1962 and I could talk for hours about various coups in Africa and the Middle East.

But what stuns me is how quickly we’ve stopped talking about Ukraine. It was only a little over a year ago when unmarked Russian soldiers began entering that country and took over the Crimean Peninsula. Outrageous. Irrational. It would be just as insane if the US suddenly decided to take over Vancouver, just because we have more military might than the Canadians. Many Americans live in Canada after all, so let’s just take it because we can.

And yet no one says a word about the Ukraine anymore. Did we just decide that it would be easier to look the other way instead of getting into a big international kerfuffle? Or is our attention span that short? Are we simply stretched too thin in wars of our own making, or do we just not care about anyone other than ourselves?

I suspect that we’ll spend more time discussing Caitlyn Jenner than the people who have been driven out of their homes in the Crimea. What does that say about us? Putin knows exactly the thickness, or lack thereof, of our moral fiber, and that’s why he knew he could get away with such a b***h move. He knows us too well. So does the rest of the world. And that’s scary.

[Image credit: telegraph.co.uk]
[Image credit: telegraph.co.uk]

7 thoughts on “Have We Forgotten the Ukraine?

  1. Your timing is uncanny, the US just moved a massive amount of munitions into that genaeral area yesterday. We’re flexing a little muscle, so to say. Question for you, How many countries with civil unrest should the US be involved with? If not all, who should have priority? It pains me that the US will spend billions of dollars to engage in others civil unrest, but we can’t fix unemployment, affordable housing, accessible education for all, and last but not least, Happiness within our own borders. I’m asking you these questions not knowing your history (background), nor do you know mine. A reasonable discussion with two reasonble people.

    1. I most definitely agree with you that we have plenty of problems within our own borders. I would add health care to your list. And as I mentioned in the blog, we don’t have the money or the moral standing to intervene in all situations. What bugs me is the reason we appear to pick and choose. Our own self interests– oil, or a desire to further our own political agenda. In a more decent world we’d stand for those who cannot stand for themselves and who are being ignored by the rest of the world. Tibet. Rwanda. I can’t stand to turn my back on a bully. But that has gotten me into trouble before.

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