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Sometime in the next few days I’ll be taking a ferry from Seattle out to Port Townsend, and I’m so excited. I’ve been itching to explore the surrounding area for quite some time, and Port Townsend is said to be an artsy little Victorian seaport. One of my coworkers even says there’s a beach near there comprised entirely of sea glass. I can’t wait to see that. I have no doubt that I’ll be blogging about it!

I’ll be staying with a new friend and her parents. It will be a rare treat for me to have that much human contact. They seem like amazing people.

Then, about a month after that, I’ll be going to Yellowstone National Park with my sister and brother-in-law and an unbelievable menagerie of our pets. I’ve been to Yellowstone before, and there’s no place like it. I’m looking forward to seeing how my dogs react to a bison. (From an extremely safe distance, of course.)

It occurs to me that it’s a delicious experience, having things to look forward to. I highly recommend it. I also enjoy living for the moment, although I find that to be difficult sometimes. Anything that keeps me from dwelling on the past or brooding over stressful stuff is quite welcome. I do tend to brood.

I am prone to depression, but I’ve found that I can sort of skip over the top of it like a stone skipping over water if I can hop from one “Looking Forward To” event to the next. My idea of hell is having nothing to anticipate. And being in that state is entirely under your control.

Don’t just sit there! Make plans! It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. I’m looking forward to making Toad in the Hole for dinner tonight, for example.

So get curious! Explore. Create. Do.

Glass Beach, Port Townsend. [Image credit: Pinterest]

Glass Beach, Port Townsend. [Image credit: Pinterest]

5 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I still have never made it to Yellowstone… dang it…

    1. Oh, but you HAVE to make the effort! Before it erupts and takes us all down with it. 🙂

      1. It is going to do that… and it isn’t going to be pretty

      2. All the more reason to check it out while it still is.

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