Spiritual Residue

Have you ever noticed that when a toxic coworker goes on vacation, the atmosphere at work visibly lightens? People are more relaxed. They are more prone to smile and be lighthearted. You actually hear laughter in the workplace again.

On the other hand, there are some people that can make you smile when you merely think about them. Others seem to bring energy into any room they enter. And still others seem to be a calming presence.

As unscientific as this will sound, I think we all have an impact that extends far beyond our corporeal beings. I like to call this the spiritual residue. It’s very important to consider the type of residue you leave behind.

Toxic people leave a sticky, unappealing trail much like that of a slug. If people tend to avoid you or dislike you, if you criticize more than you compliment, if words of encouragement are not in your vocabulary, you’re one of those slimy individuals.

I’d much rather be positive, upbeat and fun to be around. Instead of leaving slime, I’d like to leave a nice, fresh perfume in my wake. I want people to feel better for having crossed my path. I think that’s an admirable goal.

[Image credit: 7-themes.com]
[Image credit: 7-themes.com]

Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Residue”

  1. Cacti that’s how I see ’em. Interesting to notice from afar, and nasty to deal with upfront. They never/ hardly flower, apart from holding a lot of ‘water’ (opinion of themselves/ or others) they take up a lot of space and have no real use. They should actually worry about going on leave, because the world did not ‘come to an end’ as soon as they left the office. Life continued – but with a silverlining to be spotted somewhere…

  2. Funny I came across this today in 2022. Very judgmental on your part. The energy that you see as “slimy” may not be the person, but the actual residue attached to them. Or, it just could be that the chemistry between you and that person is off and that is what you’re finding fault with. You should do some more work on what it is you are commenting on. It would be interesting to see what you find.

    1. Apparently my post struck a nerve, but I’m mystified as to why, or what 2022 has to do with it.
      Thank you for causing me to revisit one of my older, fluffier opinion pieces. I still stand by my words, but I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree.

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