Recently I posted my 1,200th blog entry, and I received my 85,000th view. I’m rather proud of this little blog. Writing something new every day has been a challenge, to say the least, but it’s also been a joy.

People often ask me why I don’t switch to an independent website where I could financially benefit from my advertisements. I have considered it. I could certainly use the money.

But I fear that then this bright spot in my day would suddenly become work. I’d stress out over obtaining advertisers. I’d have to meticulously keep track of all my photo permissions. I’d also risk losing the nearly 500 followers I currently have, and I’ve grown quite attached to many of them. I’d also have to learn how to design and maintain a website. The thought of it makes me tired.

One reader contacted me and suggested I publish an anthology of my work, and said she’d meet with me to manage the details, as that’s what she does. That appeals to me more, and lord knows I have produced plenty of material, but she seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. But who am I to criticize? Other than this blog, I’m notoriously unreliable when it comes to follow through. I can only be counted on to keep promises to others, never to myself.

Besides, just because you love doing something and feel you’re good at it (even if I do say so myself), that doesn’t mean you have to profit from it. Sometimes pleasure is payment enough. Creativity is often its own reward.


3 thoughts on “Bloggadocio

  1. Was that me? I am still here, reading your posts literally every morning before I start my day. The news from KUOW is the awakening sound at 6:30am and some times the stories are good and some times they are sad. But. your posts, that I read as a morning meditation are always thought-provoking. And, if the offer to help you create a collection and self-publish a series of volumes, came from elsewhere then it is true…great minds think alike. As I say as the founder of AuthenticWritingProvokes (.com) that is what I am a stand for. And, so I appreciate all your brave, vulnerable, vivid, colorful, compassionate, and genuine posts. The journals I keep are in boxes. Blogging that is shared is a beautiful thing. Are you bound for Fresh Grounds any time soon? Time to connect. I would be honored to support your project!

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