Vicarious Thrills

I love having friends that are much younger than I am because I get to watch them do amazing things and feel the subsequent joy from that without having to actually expend any energy myself. I can gaze on proudly as they start new businesses, fight for causes, create amazing works of art, raise incredible children, and show enormous integrity, all from the comfort of my recliner, preferably while cozily ensconced in flannel and bunny slippers.

I’m told I’m very encouraging and supportive. Heck yeah! Encouragement and support expend nary a calorie, and yet they yield amazing results. They cause people to lend even more effort to their positive causes. They give them the courage to reach even higher heights. And they tend to generate a great deal of good will.

In this world, with its rising tide of negativity, it’s the very least I can do, after all. Go, team, go!

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14 thoughts on “Vicarious Thrills

  1. You are in a good mood. 🙂 What a sweet post. Attitude is everything isn’t it. Tonight while driving home from a dinner with a writer in town for a short stay, I was listening to Warren Olney’s show To the Point as he was discussing college and employment and the great divide between them. What struck me was the difference in the energies and attitudes of his panel of expert guests. Positive people and dddly, the biggest naysayer was the University of Penn Prof @wharton. Listening and not seeing allows for feeling the energy and negativity sounds very different than optimism and support. Realize this a non sequitur of a comment but it was the insight I felt. Thank you for being a bright light who monitors a drawbridge…you are a beacon. 🙂 I’d venture a guess that your #senseofself is most days in fine shape. And when it is not, you do such a great job of being a light all the same.

  2. Angiportus

    Well gee whiz, you get to operate those wonderfully cool bridges, and I get to sit here and read about it [if I am lucky] w/o having to scramble around in their innards myself…

      1. Angiportus

        Y’right–I should say, equally fascinating with all the other aspects. I just haven’t got the knees to climb around like that any more…

  3. lyn sutton

    We are armchair life cheerleaders…reclining muses…but my kids just call it old and those who call us lazy…they need our encouragement and support the most. One downside to not expending any calories is my expanding waist and backside. 🙂

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