On Being Busy

Ever since StoryCorps contacted me and told me they wanted to include my 2009 interview in their anthology Callings, and oh, by the way, NPR wants to feature you in Morning Edition, and Parade Magazine wants to do a piece on you as well, and O Magazine would like to speak with you, and wouldn’t you like to start publishing anthologies of your own? And would you be my first podcast interview for Shaping Sapiens? And can I link to your blog? And maybe you should create a Facebook Group for your blog. Ever since all these things have happened, I’ve been busy.

And when I say “busy”, I mean it feels like someone has taped a rocket to my behind and I have absolutely no control over the steering. I’m not used to this. Not at all.

For over 14 years I’ve been locked away on my little drawbridge, enjoying relative peace and quiet, with very few ducks to put into very short rows. And I’ve liked it that way. Now, there are deadlines and decisions and attention and… I can’t believe this is all happening.

Is it exciting? God, yes! But it feels as if time is moving so fast that I might not be able to keep up. It makes me nervous.

My writing has been all about stopping and looking closely at things. It’s been about watching and commenting from the background. A friend calls me a professional meditator, a grand observer. I worry that I’m losing some of that in all this kerfuffle.

But I intend to ride the crest of this wave for as long as it lasts and savor every minute of it! Of course it isn’t going to last forever. Yes, I’ll miss it when it’s gone. But I think I’ll also be kind of relieved when everything slows back down and settles into a nice little routine once more.

I’ve been told it takes a special kind of person to sit still for 40 hours a week and not go crazy. I guess I’m that person. I thrive on it. But it is rather thrilling to go out and salsa in this world every now and then!

riding a rocket
Okay, so maybe a trifle too phallic, but you get the idea.

18 thoughts on “On Being Busy

  1. angiportus

    Good that you are getting proper appreciation. Now, unrelated [?] question–just what was it that happened with the Ballard Bridge the other day? [4-18 I think.] All that I could quickly Google about it said something about the gates malfunctioning, but the pictures on the Twitter thingie showed what looked like a misalignment at the centerbreak. The poor thing is only 98 years old. I’m not sure the news media know a lot about bridge anatomy. I gather you run the Fremont one (excuse me if I’m mistaken) but I figured you’d be closer to the reliable sources…

      1. I think it was more likely what we call a “pigeon shim”. When you crush a bird the bridge doesn’t seat properly. Then when you try to drive the lock, it doesn’t fit in the reciprocal hole as it should.
        But in this instance, that’s just a guess. I don’t have those details.

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