Dave Isay Knows My Name!!!

Okay, I’m star struck. I’m giddy. I’m stunned.

I was just lying here cuddled up with my dogs, watching really bad Youtube movies after having spent the day completely goofing off and feeling pretty proud of myself for my level of unrepentedness (okay, so that’s technically not a word, but you get the idea) when my phone rings. It’s my friend Amelia Isabel, of Shaping Sapiens fame, who recently interviewed me for that self-same podcast.

She just happened to be in Texas. Austin, I think, right at the same time Dave Isay was doing a book signing for Callings, the anthology that yours truly is a part of, on page 17.

And here’s the thing: he talked about 6 of the people featured in the book, and one of the ones he talked about was…ME! With a really ugly picture of me weighing 50 pounds more than I do now, with my arm around my ex-boyfriend who hates me! And she videotaped it! And I watched it! And he pronounced my name correctly! And he mispronounced my bridge!And he kind of sort of calls me a poet! Me!

And then she talked to him afterward and said hello for me! And took a picture with the man himself, Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, who is probably one of the few people on earth who has a cooler job than I do.

Dave and Amelia
Amelia Isabel with Dave Isay

I hope at some point he’ll come to Seattle and I’ll get a picture with him, too.

I’m freaking out here! Stuff like this just doesn’t happen to me. But… apparently it does. 🙂

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