A New Point of View

Every once in a while it’s fun to shake things up. Sticking to a routine may feel quite comfortable, but it isn’t particularly exciting. So recently I volunteered to trade bridges with a coworker, just for a day. I got to work at Fremont Bridge here in Seattle.

It’s been well over a year since I set foot on this bridge. I actually had to stare at the operating console for a while and read the instructions to familiarize myself with the operation. No two drawbridges are quite the same. Each one has its quirks and blind spots and operating weaknesses, and the various nobs and switches and buttons are in different locations.

When I had my first opening of the day, I felt like a baby deer just learning to walk. But I did it! It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt such accomplishment just by doing my job.

It’s also given me a fresh perspective on this blog. As eclectic as it is, the overarching theme is that I get to examine the same view day after day, in minute detail. It allows me plenty of time to think about things and share those thoughts with you.

So all of a sudden, having a different view is a bit unsettling. Will I be able to write? Will I be too distracted? Too nervous?

It does sort of feel as if I’m using a whole new set of synapses. I feel both revitalized and a little befuddled. I didn’t realize how often I let myself go into “automatic pilot”. I can’t do that here. Nothing on this bridge is automatic for me. I miss my comfort zone, but at the same time this feels good for me. I think I’m going to have to make a mental note to do this every few months. Variety is, after all, the spice of life!

My view for today!

12 thoughts on “A New Point of View

  1. WOW! This whole time I thought you were the Fremont bridge! (I wont ask which one IS yours I see the above post) I wonder who it is I wave to as I go by?? I do agree though, I like working in all three of the offices for my company just because its nice not to see the same thing every day!

    PS sorry about the stalker part, that suck!

    1. Ah, the price of fame. 🙂 Yeah, for some reason everyone assumes I’m at Fremont. I wouldn’t want to be there daily. Too stressful. Pedestrians take too many risks there. I’d rather only have baby falcons to worry about. (And they’ve hatched!)

      1. OH COOL!!! (the Hatching!) I was hoping they would. I’ve made a point not to get anywhere where I can see them so I dont disturb them I am waiting for the osprey nest on my bike route to have hatchlings

  2. Along with keeping up on any bridge (just for competency) it is good that you can be ready to help a co-worker if needed, by switching assignments.

    Tony: it’s always good to wave at the bridgekeeper, no matter who it is!

    All this month of May at the Fremont Branch Library there is a display of our house-history research (I participate with Fremont Historical Society!) and a panoramic photo of Fremont before creation of the ship canal. In the coming year we will do projects to find out how the canal project impacted Fremont.

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