News Flash: I Don’t Care Where You Pee

When I lived in Florida, I used to dream about moving to the mountains of North Carolina. To me, that was paradise. I had convinced myself that I would find my ultimate happiness there. I used to vacation there every chance I got.

The reason I was so anxious to get out of Florida, believe it or not, had nothing to do with the oppressive heat or the gigantic cockroaches (although I don’t recommend them). It had everything to do with the conservative culture and the, frankly, bat shit crazy politics. Florida seems to have more stupidity per capita of politicians than any other state with the possible exception of Kansas or Texas. North Carolina, I thought, would be a refreshing change. Until now.

Thank God that relocation never came to fruition. When I hear what’s currently going on in North Carolina, I have to cringe. No matter what your opinion is about transgender Americans, you have to see how stupid this bathroom legislation is. Oh, where to begin.

First of all, is that state battling against some secret underground organization that has been suppressing the news and statistics about public bathroom violence? Because, to be honest, I feel more uncomfortable in the average parking garage than I do in most bathrooms. (Thanks, Hollywood.) And how would they keep this conspiracy quiet? I mean, nowadays if a snake comes up out of a toilet, it’s all over Facebook before nightfall.

My whole life, I’ve never had a dangerous bathroom encounter, unless you count bullies in junior high school. I’m sure violence does occur occasionally, but that can be said of any public place. If a bathroom seems sketchy to me, I avoid it. Simple. For example, I wouldn’t go to a New York City Subway bathroom at 1 a.m. That’s just common freakin’ sense.

Second, has NC also discovered some statistic that shows transgender people to be more violent than the rest of the population? If so, I’d like to see it. Even a basic Google search of “Transgender” and “Rape” seems to only come up with hits in which the Transgender person is the victim, not the perpetrator. They’re not vampires, people. They weren’t put on this earth to attack you.

If the State of North Carolina genuinely believes that its bathrooms are dangerous places, then they need to employ more security guards and beef up their police force. (And not so they can stand outside of every public crapper asking people to produce their birth certificates.)

If they truly want to make the world safe, and they are under the stupid belief that this particular group of people are their most likely criminals, shouldn’t they be introducing legislation to keep transgender people out of back alleys, away from bridge underpasses and other high crime areas? Of course they’d think that. If they really believed any of these things. But keeping people safe isn’t their concern at all.

Their agenda, plain and simple, is to open the door to discrimination against a group of Americans whose lives they don’t approve of. (They’re basically throwing a tantrum because everyone can get married now.) First it will be bathrooms. Then schools, jobs, and rentals. Pretty soon they won’t be allowed to own bicycles and will have to wear a pink and blue star on their sleeves… This is the kind of thing that happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

You’re probably thinking that’s a little extreme. Don’t think they’re that dedicated to their cause in this day and age? Think again. They’re willing to do without billions (with a b) of dollars in federal funding to prove their insane point. That’s pretty freakin’ scary if you ask me.

Here’s an idea. When you go into a public bathroom, go into your stall, close your door, lock it, do your business, wash your hands (please!) and leave. Stop trying to be the pee pee police. If you’re in there all focused on the authenticity of everyone else’s genitalia, then you are a pervert.

Shame on you, North Carolina.






13 thoughts on “News Flash: I Don’t Care Where You Pee

  1. Some very good points about the new transphobic bathroom laws in NC. The conservative-types are having a hissy because of LGBT rights and now the transgendered are coming out of the closet. I do believe that some people have difficulty accepting change, and it is less about safety than it is about realizing that the transgendered are there. I have a discussion explain transphobia using schema theory — if you’re interested — in a blog post on “The Psy of Life: CalicoJack Explains Life & Everything Using Psychology & Snark.” Fair warning, though, it is profane, also explains Trump’s rise, and leans left.

  2. Julie

    I keep thinking, why not make all bathrooms open to everyone and provide stalls. How about access and privacy for all? What is the big deal?

  3. Angiportus

    En-flipping-tirely. If trans people are anything like me, when they go into a restroom, it’s for a different purpose than assaulting someone. I don’t give a rip about the anatomy of other folks–neither kind appeal to me anyway. As for creepy types, you gotta watch your back everywhere.
    We need more bathrooms downtown, period. But that’s worth a whole ‘nother discussion.

  4. lyn sutton

    Well if you don’t care where I pee do you mind if I use your bathroom? I really gotta go! 🙂

    The homeless know all about bathroom discrimination. First they take away their pot to pee in and then they throw them in jail for public urination.

      1. lyn sutton

        Most people don’t unless they have to deal with it directly. Some of the time I spent working with the homeless I cleaned the few openly accessible bathrooms. They usually lacked toilet paper, paper towels, soap, running water and were often clogged. Some of those homeless in need of a dignified way to do their business were transgenders already discriminated against to the point that they ended up on the streets. None of the other homeless cared which bathroom they chose. They were all just relieved to even have a pot to pee in.

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