The View from a Drawbridge

The random musings of a bridgetender with entirely too much time on her hands.

Yes, it’s the first day of summer, I get that. But it’s never too late to do some spring cleaning. Spring is a state of mind; a time for things to be fresh, vital, and new.

I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff lately. My last relocation, of 3100 miles, pretty much burned me out on the whole concept of lugging crap from pillar to post. I want to travel light.

With each load of junk that I drag to Goodwill, I feel as though I’ve lifted the equivalent amount of weight off my shoulders. And the truth is, it’s a rare occasion when I miss something after it’s gone. I hope to buy a house again eventually, and when that time comes, I want to have as little as possible to haul. That’s one of the reasons I refuse to buy a couch. It doesn’t make for comfortable social interactions, but the future me will be grateful.

Letting things go is important, and it isn’t strictly relegated to things material. It’s important to do emotional spring cleaning as well. End toxic relationships. Release grudges and resentments. Stop listening to that inner voice that is telling you that you can’t do something, and dust off those old talents that you haven’t used in a while!

Also, get rid of old e-mails that you no longer need. Delete those unfocused photographs. Remove contacts from your contact list that you know you’ll never contact again.

Lighten your load, people! You won’t regret it.


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