The Great Plate Debate

My coworker recently had his front license plate stolen off his car, which made me run out to my car and make sure mine was still there, because I never look. That got me thinking. And when I start thinking, it generally turns into a blog post. Sorry. That means there’s nowhere to hide.

Having lived my entire auto-owning life in Florida until recently, I’m used to having only one license plate—the one on the back. It was quite the culture shock, moving across the country and having to put a plate on the front of the car as well.

Honestly, front plates have never made much sense to me. I mean, if someone is committing a crime, aren’t they generally driving away from you? If the criminal is coming at you, chances are you’re too busy getting out of the way to take note of his plate number. (Unless it’s imprinted backward on your forehead, and at that point you would have other things to worry about.) You’d also think that while having two plates would give young boys twice as much to hang on their bedroom walls, it would also be twice as expensive for the states in question.

So I did a lazy Google search, and learned quite a bit. According to, this country only has 19 one-plate states, so there I was, in the minority all that time without realizing it. Go figure.

And it seems that front plates actually save states money, because they get a lot of revenue from catching folks on camera who are running red lights. They also lose a lot less on automated tolls, because if the sun glare makes the plate hard to read on the back, there’s always the front. The same with people who try to sneak out of parking garages. I guess I never thought of these petty criminals because it would never occur to me to do these things myself.

The main gripe the general public seems to have with front plates is that they make their front bumpers look all ugly. I suppose that aesthetics would be a concern for those who spend as much on their vehicle as I spent on my first house, but for me, that has never really been much of an issue. I will never look at a car as a significant investment. It’s just the thing that gets me from point A to point B.

So, just consider me to be a public service. I sit here and  think and write about unimportant stuff so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “The Great Plate Debate

    1. Isn’t it cool how there is something to be learned with a little pondering and some research? Thanks Google. 🙂

      And, thanks Bridgetender who makes fines use of the time to watch the water and life as we know it float or drive by.

  1. lyn sutton

    Thanks for researching the unimportant stuff but it doesn’t stop me from it myself. It seems to spur me on to more stuff like…do prisoners still make license plates? Yes, they do, and various other items ranging from books for the blind to lingerie. This google search also led me to… Zazzle will customize plates with your fractal designs. Now, If I only owned a car I could have some beautiful looking bumpers.

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