The Return of the Green Monster

Ah, summer. In recent years it has been the time when I get to read articles such as this one, about the toxic levels of green algae coating Florida’s waterways. My first thought is, “Why is this still news?”
I wrote about this back in 2013, and even then we knew what causes it. We do. With our fertilizers and our leaking septic tanks and our industrial waste. These are things we can change. We can and we must. Why is no one taking this seriously?
One more reason I’m glad to be our of Florida.

The View from a Drawbridge

I could smell it the other day. Creeping down the river, lapping at the shore. It steals your breath. It burns your skin. It kills the fish, the birds, and the plants. It makes you sick. The green monster first appeared in significant size in Jacksonville in 2005, and it was bad. I mean, bad. It covered 100 miles of the river from shore to shore and lasted for what seemed like an eternity. It was so thick it looked like you could walk on it. In subsequent years it hasn’t been as severe, but it’s still a danger.

This thick, neon green slime is an algae bloom that produces a toxin so intense that pilots flying 500 feet above it have been known to have trouble breathing, so you can only imagine what it’s like for those of us at ground level.

The birds and gators that swim through…

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7 thoughts on “The Return of the Green Monster

      1. kramer

        Oh, so you’re picky about where you get your “thick green scum and the toxic fumes.” I get it now. Good luck with that! 🙂

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