Exploring the Oregon Coast Aquarium

I have a confession to make. I absolutely love aquariums. Zoos, too, but aquariums even more. I’m most fascinated by animals that are nothing at all like me. Mammals? Pffft. I can imagine what it’s like to be another type of mammal. But I can’t wrap my brain around the life of an anemone or a sea cucumber.

So when I saw signs for the Oregon Coast Aquarium during my recent vacation, I knew I’d have to go. And it’s a delightful place.

As you can see from the pictures below, I was particularly fascinated with the touch pool in the Rocky Shores Gallery. I never realized that anemone feel kind of sticky. I won’t even get into what sea slugs feel like.

I got quite the shock at the harbor seal and sea lion exhibit. I was practically pressing my nose against the glass in hopes of seeing one swim by, when I looked down, and right on the window ledge, separated from me by only a thin sheet of Plexiglas, was what I thought was a rock… until it moved. What a delight!

I also would have overlooked the sneaky octopus if someone hadn’t pointed him out to me. I couldn’t have overlooked the biggest living crab I’d ever seen in my life, or the playful otters, or the many sharks, though.

And in the aviary I got to see my very first puffin. It made me smile. These are the buffoons of the bird world. That, and I like to say, “puffin”.

All in all, it was a delightful afternoon. If you ever find yourself in Newport, Oregon, I highly recommend this aquarium. And check out their Aquari-cam! Fun!

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4 thoughts on “Exploring the Oregon Coast Aquarium

  1. Just past the Aquarium and past Rogue ales is the free Marine Science visitors center. Smaller, donations only and very very cool! We like to go for both. Back when the Free Willy whale was goingto be released (Keiko) he lived at the Aquarium until they nursed him back to health

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